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    Qandeel (2017)

    The life, death and impact of Pakistan’s working-class icon Qandeel Baloch, killed in 2016 after becoming a social media celebrity. This film tells Qandeel’s story through her own videos and media appearances. A young, fearless woman who collided with Pakistan’s mainstream media, Qandeel exposed the religious right and challenged middle-class morality. From her life […]

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    Fed Up (2014)

    As the age-old adage goes, you are what you eat. The Katie Couric-produced documentary explores the old-saying’s truth in the growing obesity epidemic. With interviews with some of Washington’s power players, past and present, the documentary weaves a tale of corruption and conflict of interest that dates back nearly three decades.While the cure to […]

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    Louis Theroux Dark States: Heroin Town (2017)

    The depiction of a town ravaged by a heroin epidemic in Louis Theroux: Dark States (BBC Two) wasn’t exactly heart-warming Sunday-night viewing. Once upon a time you could rely on a Louis Theroux documentary to offer up a feast of ironic giggles at the foibles of humankind. But for years now he’s been going […]

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    Fake Degrees: Exposing Canadians with phoney credentials (2017)

    A Marketplace investigation of the world’s largest diploma mill has discovered many Canadians could be putting their health and well-being in the hands of nurses, engineers, counsellors and other professionals with phoney credentials. Fake diplomas are a billion-dollar industry, according to experts, and Marketplace obtained business records of its biggest player, a Pakistan-based IT […]

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    Mystery of the Man on the Moor (2017)

    The other day I sat behind a girl on the bus who was on the phone discussing, at high volume, her reservations about a chap she’d met. “He’s lovely,” she said. “But the thing is… I googled him… And there’s nothing. There’s nothing about him on the internet. At all.” For someone of her […]

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    The Keepers – Mini Series (2017)

    What is it? An exhaustive real-crime documentary series about the murder of a nun in 1969, but also so much more. Why you’ll love it: The Keepers is not the new Making a Murderer. Without looking it up, tell me the name of the victim, the dead woman whose family still mourn her sudden […]

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