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    BTK Confession (2005)

    Dennis Rader’s trial on the 10 counts of first degree murder was set for June 27, 2005. As the date approached with no news of a postponement, speculation erupted about what Rader was up to. It became apparent that he would use that appearence to formally plead guilty, and he did so. The event […]

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    Voices from Within (2015)

    The Voices From Within Project is a new and growing multimedia education initiative that uniquely addresses the epidemic of gun violence directly through the voices of inmates living with the consequences of their choices, and the victims left in their wake. The Voices From Within Project was born inside the walls of Sing Sing […]

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    The Mona Lisa Curse (2008)

    On September 16, even as Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch were collapsing, Damien Hirst was setting a new record for sales at auction by an individual artist. His private auction at Sotheby’s netted him $197.8 million. The staggering sums accrued here, particularly against the backdrop of such a massive financial crisis, indicate a new […]

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    The Orlando Shooter: Omar Mateen (2017)

    On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen walked into Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida and massacred 49 people while wounding an additional 53, in the deadliest attack in American history. Despite pledging himself to the Islamic State, a life-long struggle with his own internal demons and sexual identity may have been the root cause of […]

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    The Craigslist Killer: Richard Beasley (2017)

    Richard Beasley was a conman and serial killer who posed as a preacher and in 2011, posted advertisements on Craigslist to entice men to work with him on his farm. Once on the property, Beasley hunted them down like wild animals, then killed and buried them. In this episode, his daughter Tonya, who lives […]

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    Black Power: Fast Forward (1990)

    Black Power: Fast Forward directed by Peter Cathro is the first documentary made about Black Power in New Zealand. What has Black Power evolved into in 1990? Solely the defiant symbol of the disenfranchised culture of the “Maori warrior come to collect the rent” ? This documentary tracks the lives of three members: Knockers […]

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