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    Satan’s Choice (1966)

    This is a fascinating National Film Board documentary about the Satan’s Choice motorcycle gang. What makes it so interesting is that they are not a gang (yet). At this point, 1966, they are apparently just an extension of radical 1960’s youth culture. The “club” members view themselves as counter-culture rebels, which perhaps comes as […]

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    Ask Me, Don’t Tell Me (1961)

    Ask Me, Don’t Tell is a very cool documentary that deals with San Francisco teen gangs of the early sixties and the Youth For Service organization that tried to tame their wild ways. It features some great proto-rapping backed by bongos and surf-a-billy guitars and absolutely beautiful black and white cinematography. Overall, it’s a […]

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    Paradise Lost 2: Revelations (2000)

    The Thin Blue Line – Errol Morris’s documentary about Randall Dale Adams, the man wrongly convicted of murdering a Dallas policeman in 1976 – may be the only film in history instrumental in freeing an innocent man from death row. But if Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky have their way, it won’t be the […]

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    Kids for Cash (2014)

    Deeply shocking and continually surprising, “Kids for Cash” examines the scandal surrounding a Pennsylvania judge’s draconian imprisonment of kids for minor hijinks, in exchange for kickbacks from a juvenile detention center. Helmer Robert May sometimes lessens the impact of his points through overemphasis; a tighter edit of this 104-minute documentary might boost its dramatic […]

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