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    Murderers and Their Mothers – Season 1 (2016)

    What part does a domineering mother play in the creation of a future serial killer ? As, with many cases, there seems to be an odd connection between how controlling the matriarch of the family is, and how subservient, afraid, besotted or aroused the son is of his mother. Obviously, although devastating, a violent, […]

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    Confessions of Crime | Volume 1-3 (1991 – 1993)

    Confessions of Crime is a true crime series which aired on the Liftetime network. The series uses police interragation tapes, interviews, and reenactments to reconstruct violent crimes, mostly among women. Series host Theresa Saldana was herself the victim of a stabbing by an obsessed fan in 1982. Original release: July 23, 1991 No. of […]

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    The System: Escape from Death Row (2001)

    Mecklenburg Correctional Center, a twenty-million dollar institution built in 1977, was once touted as an escape-proof prison. But double fencing topped with miles of looping razor wire, heightened security measures, highly trained staff, and all the electronic bells and whistles, didn’t stop two of the most dangerous killers in America, James and Linwood Briley, […]

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    Going Postal (2009)

    With extraordinary access to those involved, including one teenage murderer himself, GOING POSTAL tells the story of the school and workplace shootings which have cast a shadow over American society since the 1980s. This April saw the 10th anniversary of Columbine, but the phenomenon is twice as old. Hundreds have been killed. The film, […]

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    The Chicago Rippers (2015)

    On Dec. 6, 1982, Beverly Washington was found near a railroad track outside of Chicago. Her body was beaten and bruised, her chest had multiple slash wounds across it, and her left breast had been amputated. Despite her injuries and massive blood loss, Washington was alive, avoiding her fate as the last victim of […]

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    My Son: The Serial Killer (2017)

    A documentary examining one of the UK’s most notorious criminals, as Steve Wright’s father Conrad offers his deeply personal insights into the horrific crimes his son committed. Dubbed the ‘Suffolk Strangler’, Wright murdered five women who worked as prostitutes and dumped their bodies in the countryside around Ipswich in 2006, and was jailed for […]

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