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    My Son: The Serial Killer (2017)

    A documentary examining one of the UK’s most notorious criminals, as Steve Wright’s father Conrad offers his deeply personal insights into the horrific crimes his son committed. Dubbed the ‘Suffolk Strangler’, Wright murdered five women who worked as prostitutes and dumped their bodies in the countryside around Ipswich in 2006, and was jailed for […]

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    Mobsters: Sam Giancana (2007)

    Born and reared in Chicago’s “Little Italy” on the near southwest side, Sam Giancana began working for Al Capone in the 1920s and, by 1966, had been arrested some 70 times and served five years in prison for burglary and four years for operating an illegal still. In 1965–66 he spent a year in […]

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    Ruby Ridge (2017)

    The 1992 standoff at the remote cabin took the lives of three people, and inflamed simmering anti-government resentment among groups who were already becoming active in the Pacific Northwest, director Barak Goodman’s film suggests. “Ruby Ridge” tells the story of how things went tragically wrong in a confrontation between Randy Weaver — who was […]

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    Brainwashed : The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada (2017)

    Doses of LSD given through an IV; drug-induced comas lasting two months; amnesia brought on by drugs psychological torture. None of these actions seem possible in an accepting, liberal city like Montreal. But there’s a dark part of Montreal’s history everyone seems to forget, or simply not talk about, and all of these atrocities […]

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    Qandeel (2017)

    The life, death and impact of Pakistan’s working-class icon Qandeel Baloch, killed in 2016 after becoming a social media celebrity. This film tells Qandeel’s story through her own videos and media appearances. A young, fearless woman who collided with Pakistan’s mainstream media, Qandeel exposed the religious right and challenged middle-class morality. From her life […]

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