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20 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders (2006)
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20 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders (2006)

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Death is never an easy thing to accept, but sometimes people are taken much sooner than we expect. In Hollywood, death is in an even bigger spotlight than our own lives.

Many of us imagine the life of a celebrity to be all glitz and glamour. All we see are the fancy clothes, the red carpet premiers, the interviews, and all of the excesses that come with being world famous and wealthy beyond belief.

But there is another side to celebrity that none of us will ever have to deal with. A darker side filled with strange, scary, and even murderous people. Most of us will never have to face death simply because we’re famous, because we may have given an interview at one time and said something that somebody half a world away took great offense to – and then began plotting your death because of it. Most of us will thankfully never have to live inside that sort of fishbowl.

Though fame and celebrity comes with certain advantages – a lot of them – it also comes with tremendous pitfalls. Pitfalls that can even lead to somebody’s death at the hands of some deranged, freakishly obsessed and/or overly-zealous “fan.”

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