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641 Muriel Court (2016)
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641 Muriel Court (2016)

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October 22, 1966. At first glance this date means nothing to most of us, but for Tallahassee natives it marks one of the greatest tragedies the city has ever faced. 50 years ago, three members of the Sims family were brutally murdered in their own home and there has yet to be a conviction. The mystery of this murder has haunted the city and left everyone who worked on the case perplexed. Reading the details of the case, one can’t help but wonder who was behind this horrific crime. Halloween season may be coming to an end, but this spooky story is anything but over.

Only a few days before Halloween, the night of this horrific event left the city in a frenzy. The death of Mr. and Mrs. Sims and their 12-year-old daughter affected the neighborhood in a variety of ways. According to an article written by WCTV, women began to carry around “water guns full of ammonia” and the city considered canceling Halloween in order to keep the neighborhood children safe. In a city that prides itself on being a safe and secure community, these murders shocked everyone. After this night, the dynamic surrounding Tallahassee neighborhoods began to revolve around fear.

Now four FSU students have developed a documentary that originally started as a class project. 641 Muriel Court, breaks down the triple homicide that occurred half a century ago and sheds a new light on this heartbreaking evening. They spent a good portion of the film interviewing one of the prime suspects of the case while still maintaining an unbiased perspective. They also provide different evidence and interviews of people involved with the case. Various opinions and angles give the audience a chance to decide for themselves how they feel about the case, although no official answer has been provided.

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