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The Accused (2017)
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The Accused (2017)

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The first of its kind, Channel Five’s The Accused, followed the real story of 23-year-old Kenzey from the UK who was accused of two offences related to the brain injuries sustained by her baby daughter.

Camera crews followed the young woman, who cannot be named fully for legal reasons, throughout the ten weeks between her charge and trial. She was arrested in November 2014 after her seven-week-old daughter was was found with a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, and severe retinal haemorrhaging.

The programme also saw her dealing with two counts of cruelty for failing to protect her child by leaving the baby with boyfriend Kyle, who she know could be violent. Viewers were left horrified after watching Kenzey defend Kyle who is also the baby’s father.

The prosecution claimed she had witnessed the assault on the child by Kyle and had attempted to cover it up. She defended her innocence and said she would not have allowed that to happen.

Viewers were not convinced with Twitter user J Moore branding her a “pure evil psychopath” on the social media site. Another said the baby’s death was disgusting, adding: “Anyone that harms a baby deserves to die.”

Chris Tobin added she “made it damn impossible to find her innocent.”

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