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Aghet: A Genocide (2010)
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Aghet: A Genocide (2010)

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Award-winning documentary made by German filmmaker Eric Friedler compellingly proves the truth of the genocide of the Armenian people. Using the actual words of 23 German, American and other nationals who witnessed the events, and armed with archival materials, AGHET expertly takes on the challenge that PM Erdogan hurled at the world by stating: »Prove it.«

AGHET incorporates never-before-seen footage and documents – making it one of the best researched and presented documentaries on the Armenian Genocide. More than just a historic retelling of the Genocide, the film also delves into the ongoing campaign of denial that the Turkish government has mounted since these events occurred in World War I.

For years the author and director Eric Friedler dealt with the political motifs which are even today strong enough to deny and suppress the historical fact ot the Armenian Genocide. Friedler spoke to international heads of state and government and the intellectual elite of Turkey. Interviewed historians, contemporary witnesses and scholars in Turkey, Germany, USA, France, Syria and Armenia as well as represantatives of the international Armenian Diaspora such as box champion Arthur Abraham, French minister Patrick Devedjan or former Armenian foreign minister Rafi Hovannisian.

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