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Albert DeSalvo (2012)
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Albert DeSalvo (2012)

Born To Kill

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On November 25, 1973, Albert DeSalvo, the man popularly believed to be the serial rapist and murderer known as “The Boston Strangler,” died from stab wounds at the maximum security Massachusetts Correctional Institution then known as Walpole.

Another inmate stood accused of the murder, but his trial resulted in a hung jury. No one was ever convicted for killing DeSalvo.

It’s an outcome eerily in keeping with the fact that, despite DeSalvo’s association and even confessions regarding the case, no one has ever actually even brought up on charges — let alone found been guilty — of being the Boston Strangler.

The government considers the case closed. Some criminologists and other investigators question if the real Boston Strangler — or multiple Boston Stranglers — got away with the crime spree.

Either way, Albert DeSalvo appeared to have paid with his life.

In specific terms, the Boston Strangler case refers to a set of sexual assaults and choking murders perpetrated against 13 women in Massachusetts between 1962 and 1964.

On top of terrifying local residents, the Strangler captivated the public with macabre fascination like no other maniac-on-the-loose since Jack the Ripper. It is from this case, in essence, that our modern fixation on serial killers first arose.

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