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Confessions of the Boston Strangler (2014)
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Confessions of the Boston Strangler (2014)

ID Films

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13 women were victims of what was thought to be a serial killer in Boston, Massachusetts. All victims were brutally murdered in their own apartments leaving the entire city frozen with fear.

The two-hour documentary special sends viewers back to a time when no woman in Boston felt safe. The city finally felt a sigh of relief when, in a recorded confession, Albert DeSalvo admitted to his savage rampage and the first known serial killer in America was put behind bars. Decades later, compelling DNA analysis revealed that DeSalvo may not in fact have committed the crimes and, after all these years, the perpetrator may still be at large.

Told through compelling interviews and archive footage, the documentary, airing as part of the ID FILMS strand, features more chilling excerpts of DeSalvo’s actual confession than ever before on any television program event.

It recreates the feeling of terror in Boston at that time, using actual news footage and first-person interviews with several key players and experts including, DeSalvo attorney, F. Lee Bailey, victims’ family members, and renowned author Sebastian Junger, who has a uniquely frightening childhood story.

Albert DeSalvo had been doing work on Junger’s home around the time of the killing spree and took a haunting photo with Junger and his mother, Ellen. Mrs. Junger’s personal encounter with DeSalvo left her thinking she could have been a victim. After all, it was in their hometown that a neighbor became a victim to the Boston Strangler. Could it have been DeSalvo?

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