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American Drug War: The Last White Hope (2007)
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American Drug War: The Last White Hope (2007)

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A mind-altering experience. This is an exceedingly important documentary. It makes a clear case for why the so-called ‘war on drugs’ has been — and will continue to be — such a colossal failure. We have spent billions upon billions of dollars trying to prevent the influx of substances so many Americans demand to have, and the availability of illicit drugs is at an all-time high.This ‘war on drugs’ is one of the worst examples of our government’s embarrassing close-mindedness and immaturity, not to mention lack of sophistication, bravery, and foresight.The film depicts the hypocrisy of this failed policy: marijuana and cocaine are illegal, yet alcohol and tobacco are perfectly legal, these latter two substances having caused more damage and ruination than any other substances to which our government has given its stamp of approval.And speaking of hypocrisy, the film also chronicles the Iran Contra scandal, our government’s sickening, morally debauched effort to actually facilitate the introduction of illegal drugs into society, utilizing the profits to finance a wholly illegal military operation.While Booth quite understandably argues that this ‘war’ is a ludicrous waste, he is open-minded and intellectually honest enough to show the devastation that drugs (mostly of the legal variety) have wreaked upon close friends and members of his family. So, in the end, he presents a wide-ranging, multi-faceted look at the problem: Yes, drugs destroy lives, but this ‘war’ has proven to be a meaningless and ill-conceived solution. There’s so much to consider here, and Kevin Booth has done an outstanding job of providing the appropriate fodder for contemplation and, hopefully, political action. –Todd David Schwartz Contributing Arts & Entertainment Critic, The Paul Mitchell Show, CBS Radio

Kevin Booth’s film AMERICAN DRUG WAR, an eye-opening and compelling examination of the war on drugs, won the Best Documentary awards at both the DIY and Evil City film festivals, the latter of which featured filmmakers Morgan Spurlock and Mary Harron as judges.Additionally, High Times magazine gave the film four full buds, it’s highest rating (no pun intended). Booth, who authored the book BILL HICKS: AGENT OF EVOLUTION about his best friend and notable cult comedian, was inspired by the loss of those close to him to legal substances to try and make sense of what is dubbed the longest, most costly and destructive war in American history. And oh, the things he discovers. Three minutes into the doc we are told the main source of funding for Partnership of a Drug Free America comes from the tobacco and alcohol industries. Booth captures the perspectives from a former LAPD narcotics officer, gang members, prisoners, cops, a sheriff, a former New Mexico governor, civil rights attorneys, Tommy Chong and Ricky Ross from jail and a host of others. –Elston Gunn Aint it Cool News

IMDB (7.9/10) | American Drug War @ Wikipedia

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