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Assault on Waco (2006)
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Assault on Waco (2006)

Alternative Title: Inside Waco (Channel 4)

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In February 1993, the world watched with bated breath as the biggest armed siege in modern American history unfolded in a heavily armed property in Texas. The bungled raid, on the headquarters of an extreme religious group led by David Koresh, culminated in the deaths of 84 men, women and children, including 22 Britons.

Using dramatic reconstruction, first-person testimony, FBI recordings and home video footage, Inside Waco reveals what really happened during the bloody 51-day siege that shocked the world.

With first-hand accounts from those closest to the action, including Byron Sage, the FBI’s lead negotiator; Jeff Jarmer, who led the FBI operation; and undercover ATF agent Robert Rodriguez; the film also features British Branch Davidian Derek Lovelock and Natalie Norbrega, who was 12 years old at the time and travelled to Waco from England with her mother.
FBI surveillance tapes from the time of the siege give a unique insight into the tense negotiations, and the film reveals extraordinary footage, shot from inside the compound by the Davidians themselves, where they make a direct appeal to the FBI.

IMDB (6.5)

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