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Audrie & Daisy (2016)
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Audrie & Daisy (2016)

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There’s a lot that’s alarming and unsettling about the documentary Audrie & Daisy, but nothing chills the spine quite like the interviews with two of the high-school kids convicted of sexually assaulting their classmate Audrie Pott. Pretty and popular, Pott had been an object of attention for a clique of football players almost from puberty. As the boys explain in their interviews, they had a private online account for sharing nude photos of their female peers, many of whom posed for them willingly. But Pott didn’t want to play along. When she got drunk at a party one night, they stripped her, raped her, drew all over her naked body with markers, and then triumphantly shared the pictures. Years later, talking about the incident on camera, they own up to every bit of this, yet still seem uncertain about exactly what they did wrong.

There are four rapes covered in Audrie & Daisy. In addition to what happened to Pott—who committed suicide not long after she learned that the images of her humiliation were spreading all over her school—the film features a brief interview with Delaney Henderson, who suffered a similar ordeal and regrets that she didn’t reach out and commiserate with Audrie while she could. Then the last two-thirds of the documentary mostly focuses on two small-town Missourians, Daisy Coleman and her best friend, whose case became a source of international controversy after the local authorities chose not to prosecute the teens who assaulted them while they were intoxicated. Henderson was able to get in touch with Coleman—though not until after Daisy had become the target of online death-threats and had attempted suicide multiple times, and after her family’s Maryville home had been burned down.

IMDB (7.3)

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