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Beslan: Three Days in September (2006)
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Beslan: Three Days in September (2006)

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“Three Days in September” is the dramatic story of the 2004 Chechen terrorist attack and three-day siege of a school in southern Russia. When it was over, nearly 331 people lay dead — many of them children.
The film is narrated by award-winning actor Julia Roberts. She introduces audiences to Beslan, a small, rural city of nearly 35,000 people situated at the foot of Russia’s beautiful Caucasus mountains, and 1,000 miles from Moscow. The journey through those three days begins with then-16-year-old Dariya Fadeeva. She’s proud of her town and is a happy, normal, teenage girl. But the events of those three September days change her life forever. Throughout Russia, September 1 is an annual celebration marking the opening day of school. In Beslan, that celebration turned into a nightmare when some 30, heavily armed Chechen terrorists attacked School Number One. Nearly 1,200 teachers, parents and children were immediately taken hostage. Dariya’s younger sister was one of them.
“Three Days in September” tells the story of ordinary people who found themselves at the gates of hell. Two of Russia’s elite soldiers from the Spetznaz force also share their story in a rare interview with a captain and one of his key snipers. This is the inside story of an unspeakable tragedy – but it’s also a story of courage – and survival – and the will to keep going by those who survived it.

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