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Scotland Yard – The Blazing Caravan (1954)
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Scotland Yard – The Blazing Caravan (1954)

Scotland Yard (1953-61) Episode 4

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The Blazing Caravan (1954) – Set in 1938, a salesman visits one of his clients and finds out that he has won the football pools. He is invited to a celebration drink in the local pub. The pools winner becomes very drunk and the Salesman takes him home and murders him. After learning how to forge his signature, and disposing of the body in a blazing caravan, he heads off to Brighton to cash the cheque. In the meantime the pools winners partner turns up and is told that the old man has won the pools and left. The partner reports this to the police who investigate and with the assistance of the bank manager in Brighton, the killer is caught.

IMDB (7.4)

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