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BBC Northern Ireland – Bloody Friday (2012)
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BBC Northern Ireland – Bloody Friday (2012)


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On a Friday afternoon in the summer of 1972, the Provisional IRA exploded 19 bombs across Belfast in little over an hour.
Nine people were killed and 130 injured. The dead included four teenagers. The youngest victim was a 14 year-old schoolboy, the oldest was a 68 year-old woman.
The British government responded by authorising Operation Motorman, a major military operation to take back republican ‘no go areas’ in towns across Northern Ireland.
Background to the bombings
The period of sectarian strife in Northern Ireland known as the Troubles began in the late 1960s and quickly escalated. By 1972, the bloodiest year of the conflict, the violence between Protestants and Catholics was out of control.
The situation had been steadily worsening since ‘Bloody Sunday’ in January of that year, when 13 civil rights demonstrators were shot dead by the British Army in Londonderry.
Fearing a full-scale civil war, the British government under Prime Minister Edward Heath imposed ‘direct rule’ from London on 24 March 1972. Heath appointed his close colleague William Whitelaw as the first secretary of state for Northern Ireland.

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