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Born to Kill ? Class of Evil – Season 1 (2017)
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Born to Kill ? Class of Evil – Season 1 (2017)

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Not all serial killers are the same – but many share twisted desires and use similarly devious methods to get their perverse kicks.

Just as many serial killers have a victim type, so there are types of murderers: from the handsome charmers, who could seduce any woman in the blink of an eye but can’t be satisfied unless they kill, to the power hungry sadists for whom there’s no pleasure without pain.

This is a new twist on the globally successful ‘Born To Kill?’ series. As usual, one new killer is investigated in each episode, but this series we will be delving into the extensive ‘Born To Kill?’ archive, to draw comparisons with some of the most iconic serial killers in history.

Episode 1: Peter Tobin

Documentary profiling notorious serial killers, beginning with Peter Tobin, who hid the remains of one victim under the floorboards in a Glasgow church in 2006.

Peter Britton Tobin @ Murderpedia

Episode 2: Altemio Sanchez

The case of Altemio Sanchez. The apparently “perfect neighbour”, pillar of the community and churchgoer targeted Buffalo, New York during a campaign of rape and murder that spanned three decades, killing three women.

Altemio C. Sanchez @ Murderpedia

Episode 3: Alton Coleman and Debra Brown

The case of couple Alton Coleman and Debra Brown, who terrorised America’s Midwest in 1984, killing eight people.

Alton Coleman @ Murderpedia | Debra Brown @ Murderpedia

Episode 4: Stephen Griffiths

Stephen Griffiths, dubbed the “Crossbow Cannibal”, who murdered three people with each being horrifically dismembered and mutilated in his flat in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Stephen Shaun Griffiths @ Murderpedia

Episode 5: Graham Young

The story of 14-year-old misfit Graham Young, committed to Broadmoor in 1962 after poisoning his stepmother and attempting to kill his father, sister and friend.

Graham Frederick Young @ Murderpedia

Episode 6: Joanna Dennehy

Joanna Dennehy, who lured two of her three male victims to their death with the promise of sex, and whose spree ended with two knife attacks in broad daylight. Last in the series.

Joanna Dennehy @ Murderpedia

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