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Brainwashed : The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada (2017)
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Brainwashed : The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada (2017)

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Doses of LSD given through an IV; drug-induced comas lasting two months; amnesia brought on by drugs psychological torture. None of these actions seem possible in an accepting, liberal city like Montreal. But there’s a dark part of Montreal’s history everyone seems to forget, or simply not talk about, and all of these atrocities (and more) occurred in the heart of the city.

During the late 1950s, Dr. Ewan Cameron was the director of the renowned Allen Memorial Institute, the Psychiatry Department of the Royal Victoria Hospital, part of the McGill University Health Centre.

On the surface, Cameron was conducting esteemed academic research on the human mind for the benefit of his psychologically afflicted patients.

Those unlucky enough to be admitted to the Allen, within the Ravenscrag mansion, experienced something far more horrific.

Commissioned by the CIA to create an effective brainwashing technique, with partial funding from the Canadian government, Dr. Ewan Cameron subjected his patients to a new form of psychological torture, which went on to serve as the basis for the Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation Handbook, essentially the CIA’s textbook on torture.

Project MK-Ultra @ Wikipedia

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