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Britain’s Biggest Heists: The Brink’s Mat Robbery (2010)
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Britain’s Biggest Heists: The Brink’s Mat Robbery (2010)

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In 1983 a gang of armed robbers hijacked a security depot near Heathrow Airport and held the guards hostage, expecting to steal cash in the region of £3 million. But their operation didn’t go exactly according to plan. Security guard Robin Risely couldn’t remember his part of the codes to the safes and remarkably the gang stumbled on a much bigger prize: £26 million of gold bullion. The hunt for the gold was one of the biggest the world has ever seen. The thieves had it melted down and resold it into the market. Now, in this groundbreaking documentary, we hear first-hand accounts from the security guards who were on shift that fateful morning and from officers who worked on the case.


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