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Britain’s Biggest Heists: The Swissport Robbery (2011)
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Britain’s Biggest Heists: The Swissport Robbery (2011)

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In May 2004 a gang of eight masked men raided a depot at Heathrow Airport with the intention of stealing millions of pounds in cash and gold bullion. Wielding knives, hockey sticks and clubs, they forced their way into a secure area of the Swissport warehouse and began to load bank notes and precious metals into their van. They were all set for one of the biggest paydays in criminal history…if they had gotten away with it. But little did they know that Scotland Yard had been watching their every move for weeks and were waiting to pounce. In a spectacular showdown, armed officers foiled the robbery and arrested the criminals at the scene. After the violent gang was brought to justice, crime at Heathrow Airport fell by a staggering 84%.

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