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BTK Confession (2005)
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BTK Confession (2005)

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Dennis Rader’s trial on the 10 counts of first degree murder was set for June 27, 2005. As the date approached with no news of a postponement, speculation erupted about what Rader was up to. It became apparent that he would use that appearence to formally plead guilty, and he did so. The event turned into a dramatic courtroom confession, as Judge Waller began to quiz Rader over some of the details of the crimes. Before millions of viewers watching live coverage on Kansas local stations, on Court TV nationally and worldwide on the Internet, Rader calmly revealed some of the grisly details of his murders from his own perspective, talking about strangulations, hit kits, ruses, projects, etc. as if they were all an everyday thing.

There was considerable fallout following the confession. One by one, each of the victims’ families filed lawsuits against Rader seeking damages. There was little hope of recovering any monetary damages from him, but the idea was to prevent Rader from profiting from his crimes in any way, such as by selling book or TV rights to his story.

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