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How Fred Burke Was Captured (1931)
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How Fred Burke Was Captured (1931)

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Original quote from the “outlook” magazin, January 13, 1932:

From Chicago comes news of a locally-made film titled ‘How Burke Was Captured’, which seems to bear a resemblance to those American folk ballads you can get on phonograph records (such as The Prisoner’s Song, In the Baggage Car Ahead, St. James Infirmary, The Death of Floyd Collins). I have not seen How Burke Was Captured, which will probably never get out of Missouri, Michigan and Illinois, where Fred Burke did the bad deeds which got him attention and brought out the sheriff, but I understand it is very crudely done. Nevertheless it seems worth mentioning, for all the original participants in the chase (excepting the unlucky Mr. Burke) appear in this reenactment. Whatever dainty qualms you or I may have on such matters, it must be admitted that the man-hunt has a tremendous hold on the American imagination. This film, produced by amateurs, may be the forerunner of a sort of folk-cinema, if I may be forgiven the term.

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