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Bus 174 (2002)
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Bus 174 (2002)

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If the “Bus 174” hostage standoff had taken place in America, it would have been shown live via news chopper on nationwide television for a day and then replaced by some other televised catastrophe, forgotten except for its occasional rebroadcast as a ninety-second curiosity on shows with titles like “World’s Scariest Hostage Crises.” We would have learned nothing.

Brazilian filmmaker Jose Padilho didn’t want that to happen in his country, so he made a documentary that looks deeply into this one incident and all its antecedents in the culture of Rio de Janeiro. It may momentarily indulge our fascination with watching “reality” unfold onscreen, but at the end of two hours we’ve gotten more than just a little daily diversion — we’ve seen exactly how the culture of street kids, prison, rich and poor, and official bumbling collided to produce more than just the random tragedy of the day.

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