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The Real Fatal Attraction (2016)
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The Real Fatal Attraction (2016)

The 1980s - The Deadliest Decade (S01E06)

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Carolyn Warmus grew up in Birmingham, Michigan. She was the daughter of a self-made millionaire who accumulated his wealth through the insurance business.

Carolyn had a history of stalking her lovers. One of her former boyfriends, Paul Laven, actually went so far as to obtained a restraining order against her after she waged a relentless campaign to win him back. She called him and his fiancee and left messages on their answering machine, contacted their friends and bombarded them with notes. She even went so far as to falsely claim she was pregnant with Laven’s child. But it was all for naught and a judge eventually granted a restraining order that demanded she stay away from the couple forever.

In 1987, she gained employment at the Greenville Elementary in Scarsdale, New York. While there, Carolyn met thirty eight year old Paul Solomon and his wife. Paul was a fifth grade teacher, at the Greenville School, and Betty Jeanne, Paul’s wife, was an account executive in New York. The couple had a thirteen year old daughter named Kristan.

Not long after their initial introduction, Carolyn, then 23, and Paul Solomon began their sordid affair. They would entertain their sexual encounters in Carolyn’s apartment, hotel rooms and in Carolyn’s car. In order to remain close to Paul, and to keep the affair hidden, Carolyn befriended both Betty and Kristan, showering them with gifts and taking the young girl with her on skiing trips.

On January 15th in 1989, a New York telephone operator received a call. The woman on the other end of the line was panicked and sounded in great distress. Suddenly the call was cut off and the line went dead. The operator immediately called the police. The authorities tried to locate the caller, but the reverse directory had an incorrect address and they were at a loss to discover where the call had come from or what it was all about.

At 11:42 pm, the body of Paul Solomon’s wife, Betty Jeanne, was found in the family’s Greenburgh home. Paul himself was the one who discovered her. She had been pistol-whipped about the face and head and had been shot nine times in her back and legs. None of the neighbors reported hearing shots, there was no sign of forced entry and no evidence of a struggle. The only upheaval to be seen was a disconnected phone and a woman’s black woolen glove near the corpse …

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