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    Inside Kenya’s Death Squads (2014)

    The “inside Kenya’s death squads” exposé by Al Jazeera features hidden images of security officers who are drawn from GSU’s recce company, Anti Terror Police Unit (ATPU), National Intelligence Service (NIS) and other elite police squads who confess to killing numerous radical Muslims including Sheikh Abubakar Shariff Makaburi and Sheikh Aboud Rogo The officers […]

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    Inside Shin Bet (2013)

    Inside Shin Bet (2013) – An investigation into the methods used by Israel’s controversial internal security service. Israel’s internal security service, Shin Bet, or Shabak as it is known in both Hebrew and Arabic, is one of the three branches of the Israeli General Security Service (GSS). Through personal accounts – from two former […]

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    Inside Story: Terror in the Mall (2015)

    Inside Story reports on “Terror in the Mall” as Australians remember the 2013 attack on a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. For three days it was world news: A bloody siege by Muslim extremists at an exclusive shopping mall in the heart of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. Among the hundreds terrorised by the Somalian gunmen were […]

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    Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers (2014)

    Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers – In April 2013, chaos erupted in Boston near the finish line of one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious marathons. It was the worst terrorist attack on the United States since 9/11 and led to one of the most extensive and public manhunts in American […]

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    Inside the Taliban (2007)

    Inside the Taliban (2007) – Produced for The national Geographic Channel. This two hour documentary is about the Taliban and their return to power in Afghanistan after America’s win in the war after 9/11. wildeyesproductions IMDB (7.6) Wild Eyes Production @ Wikipedia

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    Iraq: A Deadly Deception (2017)

    On the evening of 9/11, George W Bush made a vow to the American public – that he would defeat terrorism. Unknown to those listening in shock to the presidential address, the president and his advisers had already begun planning their trajectory into an invasion of Iraq. It was packaged as “holding responsible the […]

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    Kony 2012 – Part 1 and 2 (2012)

    The film documents the Invisible Children’s plans and efforts to capture Joseph Kony. It describes Kony’s actions with his rebel militia group Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), including forced recruitment of child soldiers, and the regions (northern Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan) in which they have been active. One of […]

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    Kony, M23, and the Real Rebels of Congo (2012)

    The Democratic Republic of Congo is now home to more than a dozen militant groups, factions of the national army, and scores of rebel combatants. We rode along with US Special Forces and followed the path of Kony and the LRA into the jungle. In the process we learned that the greatest threat to […]

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    Losing Iraq (2014)

    U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq in 2011, ending America’s military commitment in the country. Now, chaos is once again engulfing Iraq. The team behind “The Lost Year in Iraq,” “The Torture Question” and “Bush’s War” takes a look at how we got here, what went wrong, and what happens next. pbs IMDB (8.3) More […]

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    Manhunt: Boston Bombers (2013)

    At 2:50 pm on April 15, 2013, two bomb blasts turned the Boston Marathon finish line from a scene of triumph to tragedy, leaving three dead, hundreds injured, and a city gripped by heartbreak and terror. Less than five days later, the key suspects were identified and apprehended with one dead, the other in […]

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    Manhunt: The Inside Story of the Hunt for Bin Laden (2013)

    Manhunt: The Inside Story of the Hunt for Bin Laden (2013) – The May 1, 2011 raid on Abbottabad, Pakistan that culminated in the killing of Osama bin Laden took 40 minutes. The CIA’s hunt for bin Laden took two decades. An official selection of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, Manhunt tells the remarkable […]