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The Chillenden Murders – Mini Series (2017)
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The Chillenden Murders – Mini Series (2017)

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The Chillenden Murders will re-examine the infamous case 21 years on from the savage hammer attack on Lin, 45, Megan and her older sister Josie, then aged nine, who miraculously survived.

Michael Stone was later convicted of bludgeoning the family in a country lane near their Kent home after he admitted his guilt to a fellow prisoner, but he has always maintained his innocence.

Josie, who suffered horrific head injuries, moved to north Wales with her grieving father Shaun before graduating from university in 2009 and becoming a successful designer.

In the programme, being aired on BBC2, a panel of experts, including detectives, lawyers and forensic scientists, re-examine the evidence.

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Episode 1

In this episode, the team examine the details of the crime and the forensic evidence found at the scene. They then turn their attention to the case against Michael Stone at court, and uncover some shocking details that never made it to trial.

Episode 2

In this episode, the team investigate Stone’s second trial, and an alleged confession he made while in prison. They then assess how the crime scene evidence could be forensically re-examined and reveal another prime suspect for the killings.

  • Lyndon T Palmer

    (1) IIRC in July 1996 Searchlight magazine published about their role giving evidence to the Desmond Tutu Commission of Inquiry 1994 into a neo Nazi mercenary attack against transitional Mandela Regime. They reported that the mercenaries had prepared in Thanet under the Ramsgate based League of Saint George.

    (2) In 1995 Tim Rayment of Sunday Times turned in one of the mercenaries Tyrone Chadwick for murders of black south Africans. In fact also with Tim’s expedition to Mandela Regime were two other of the mercs. The vile notorious child rapist Parker twins of Nuneaton. All 3 mercs somehow escaped Mandela regime and Chadwick, somehow, defied extradition.

    (3) Kent Police, in spite of a 1997 call for inquiry and report from their own police authority, have always refused to investigate the mercenary case. Thus it remained uninvestigated that part of the merc plan was allegedly to liaise with a university in South Africa for expertise and support to mount an eco attack … asymmetric bio warfare.

    (4) Information is that the uni was Fort Hare where at one time senior lecturer in eco systems was Doctor Shaun Russel.

    (5) Another line of inquiry Kent Police refused to pursue is whether a UK concern had a contract to train “South Africa Assault Scouts” and did they use a gun range in Thanet. The 6th Thanet Gun Range. 3 months after the Chillenden murders there was the torture and murder of ex MI5 officer Ken Speakman at Ramsgate. A stalwart of the 6th Thanet Range.

    (6) These matters had implications for the Lawrence case (also corrupted by Kent Police with Home Sec Jack Straw) Did the man with the contract to train South Africa Assault Scouts have a client Charlie Kray at Croydon ? An associate of Kenny Noye and Clifford Norris. Was he source of moonlight work on police time to Det sgt Davidson of Lawrence case ? Matters for which Davidson was disciplined 1995. But neither at Lawrence private prosecution nor at CPS prosecution was this properly by law disclosed to defences.

    (7) When we consider the lawyers who acted for Doreen Lawrence and who failed to obey law of adverse disclosure ? Up pops the name Stephen Kamlish QC who now features in the Chillenden documentary and who volunteers his service for Stone’s appeal.

    (8) Astonishingly the Lawrence team never examined the undue influence Kent had on Lawrence Inquiry. No fewer that five Kent or ex Kent ACPO officers. Condon, Johnston, O Connor, Ayling, Phillips. Kamlish who cross examined Ian Johnston at MacPherson Inquiry didn’t go on Johnston’s responsibility in charge for Davidson’s disciplinary. And did not go on Johnston’s knowledge as former ACC ops Kent. Such as re Deal Barracks Bombing 1989, UDA drugs traffickers and hit men Margate (same case officers as Lawrence, and 6th Thanet Gun Range.

    (9) During MacPherson when Kent Plod had the Lawrence forensic evidence unsealed custody Kent Police came under complaint to Attorney General over alleged blood forensics tampering in a Margate Police custody death inquest inquiry. The attorney general ordered nothing in writing and Thanet HM Coroner dismissed herself in case. This should have been disclosed to MacPherson and to the defences at the 2012 murder trial in Lawrence case.