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Contract Killers: Who Murdered Carolyn Matthews? (2011)
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Contract Killers: Who Murdered Carolyn Matthews? (2011)

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‘Who Murdered Carolyn Matthews?’ is a chilling story of lust, murder and betrayal. This ground-breaking true crime documentary explores a phenomenon that is still prevalent in Australia where common people seek out and hire would be contract killers. This special details one of Australia’s most infamous contract killings: the brutal slaying of Carolyn Matthews at her West Lakes home in South Australia. Follow the murder trial as homicide detectives piece together the clues and rule out suspects in order to reveal the shocking truth behind Carolyn’s murder.

Why did her 48 year-old husband, Kevin Matthews, and his 35 year-old lover, Michelle Burgess, hire an amateur hit man, David Key, to brutally stab her to death? How did an otherwise ordinary husband and father, with no prior criminal history, evolve into a cold-blooded contract killer? Carolyn wasn’t Kevin and Michelle’s only target. They also put out a contract on Michelle’s husband, Wayne Burgess. Michelle gave the hit man an envelope and on it was written, ‘make it look like accidents (both), alone, one done this week and one done next week.’ And then there’s Michelle’s dirty little sex secret: unbeknownst to Kevin, she was also having an affair with the hit man. Michelle was as heartless as she was manipulative. Just months prior to Carolyn’s murder, she gave Kevin an ultimatum to leave his wife or she’d stop having sex with him.

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