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Conviction: Murder at the Station (2016)
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Conviction: Murder at the Station (2016)

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It used to be that series like the BBC’s Rough Justice and Channel 4’s Trial and Error regularly shone light on alleged miscarriages in our justice system. But today’s TV rarely wants to dirty its hands with such legally tangled and troubling matter, preferring to leave it to the realms of drama, if at all.

So it was good to see the baton taken up again in Conviction: Murder at the Station (BBC Two). Especially in a re-imagined format that placed as much emphasis on the process of investigating such cases, and the people who do it, as on the possible unsound conviction itself.

Which certainly helped make the case of Southampton postal worker Roger Kearney, currently serving a life sentence for the 2008 murder of Paula Poolton, with whom he was having an affair, a more compelling piece of TV.

Front and centre was Louise Shorter, a former producer on the BBC’s Rough Justice who now runs Inside Justice, a charity that harnesses the skills of independent forensics experts, criminal lawyers and former police detectives to re-examine convictions they are convinced could be wrong.

IMDB (7.8)

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