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David Parker Ray : The Sex Chamber (2011)
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David Parker Ray : The Sex Chamber (2011)

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On March 22, 1999 a woman, stripped bare save for a metal collar around her neck, was found running down a road in New Mexico. The explanation for the sequence of events was every bit as horrible as might be expected. She was the latest victim of David Parker Ray, a psychopathic sexual sadist whom the FBI described as one of the most intelligent criminals it had ever come into contact with.

The Sex Chamber is the story of one of the most prolific and extreme sexual serial killers in US history. Though very difficult to watch at times, the film takes viewers into Ray’s world of sexual slavery, and into the trailer he designed as his torture chamber and dungeon. Though viewers are offered the chance to marvel at it voyeuristically, it was a place where as many as 80 of Ray’s victims may have breathed their last. Ray himself eventually died in prison, convicted of the slaying of only three of his victims.

This is a crushing film; it’s hard to imagine that people such as Ray exist. Yet it’s a story which should be told, if even just as a cautionary tale so we can better guard against such sickness.

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