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Deadly Women Season 1 (2008)
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Deadly Women Season 1 (2008)

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They are history’s most horrifying and intriguing women. Women who wouldn’t hesitate to kill their own mother for money or their children to get them out of the way or total strangers just for the thrill of it. In this chilling series, we recreate the true-life tales of some of the world’s most terrifying murders perpetrated by the fairer sex over the past four centuries. With the help of a renowned forensic pathologist and a former FBI agent who analyzed some of America’s most notorious killers, we get to know these DEADLY WOMEN and what drives their bloody appetites!

IMDB (8.2)

Episode 1: Thrill Killers

Deadly Women examines women who kill for the thrill of it including Melinda Loveless and her friends who young Shanda Sharer in Indiana, Brenda Spencer who went on a school shooting spree in California, and Tracey Wiggington who kills for blood in the so called ‘lesbian Vampire murder’ in Australia.

Episode 2: Fatal Attraction

Deadly Woman looks at cases of women driven by obsessive love including Diane Downs shot her three children to win over a lover who didn’t want children, Martha Wise poisoned three and crippled many others with poison, and the lesbian couple Valerie Parashumti and Jessica Stasinowsky drugged and strangled their 16-year-old roommate to death.

Episode 3: Twisted Minds

A rifle in a shopping mall, a syringe of potassium chloride, and a syringe of insulin, each in the hands of a mentally disturbed woman, lead to the tragic end of many lives.

Episode 4: Dark Secrets

Deadly Women examines cases where woman kill for secret reasons including Judy Buenoano who murdered lovers and her son in order to get insurance money, trans-gender Eugenia Falleni who killed her wife in order to protect the secret of her true gender, nurse Genene Jones who may have killed as many as 46 infants who were placed in her care.

Episode 5: Bad Medicine

Deadly Women examines cases where women use medicine to kill including nurse Beverley Allitt who kills multiple infants with medical overdoses, Stella Nickell who poisoned medicine capsules in stores, and Kathleen Follbigg who killed four of her own children with suffocation and concealed it as sudden infant death syndrome.

Episode 6: Predators

Deadly Women examines cases of predatory women including Aileen Wuornos who shot and killed seven men in Florida over a period of two years, Dorothea Puente who killed and buried at least seven people in her Sacramento back yard, and Anna Hahn who poisoned numerous people in 1930s Cincinnati.

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