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Deadly Women Season 2 (2009)
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Deadly Women Season 2 (2009)

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They are history’s most horrifying and intriguing women. Women who wouldn’t hesitate to kill their own mother for money or their children to get them out of the way or total strangers just for the thrill of it. In this chilling series, we recreate the true-life tales of some of the world’s most terrifying murders perpetrated by the fairer sex over the past four centuries. With the help of a renowned forensic pathologist and a former FBI agent who analyzed some of America’s most notorious killers, we get to know these DEADLY WOMEN and what drives their bloody appetites!

Episode 1: Young Blood

Deadly Women looks at cases where young women kill including 11-year-old Mary Bell who killed two young boys in England, teen lovers Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum who kill Holly’s disapproving grandparents so they can see each other, and 15-year-old Paula Cooper who leads a group of girls to stab to death a 78-year-old woman.

Episode 2: Blood for Money

Money is the driving force behind many crimes, especially murder. These women would stop at nothing to get their hands on the cash they needed. From husbands to strangers to other people’s babies – they spilled Blood for Money

Episode 3: Disturbed

Deadly Women examines cases of women killing out of madness including nurse Jane Toppan who sadistically murdered thirty-one of her patients, Dana Sue Gray who kills three women out of a desire for power and shopping money, and babysitter Christine Falling who suffocated the children she was hired to watch over.

Episode 4: Behind the Mask

Deadly Women looks at cases where women murder in secret including Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt who kill homeless men for insurance money, Betty Lou Beets who murder two husbands and bury them in the yard, and Kim Hricko who sets her husband on fire to hide an affair.

Episode 5: Forbidden Love

Deadly Women examines cases where women are driven to kill for forbidden love including the case of twelve year old “J.R.” who killed her parents and brother with the help of her older boyfriend in Alberta, Sharee Miller who used the Internet to manipulate a boyfriend into killing her husband, and Kristin Rossum who killed her husband in order to conceal an affair.

Episode 6: Hearts of Darkness

Deadly Women examines cases where women kill out of jealousy including Winnie Ruth Judd who kills two of her friends over a man and leaves their body parts in a trunk, Carolyn Warmus who shot to death a man’s wife in a desperate attempt to win him over, and Daphne Wright who killed another deaf woman in an effort to maintain a relationship.

Episode 7: Evil Influence

Deadly Women examines cases where women kill due to the sinister influences of others including Myra Hindley who helps her boyfriend kill five children, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten who kill several prominent people in southern California under the guidance of Charles Manson, and Tania Herman who killed her lover’s wife just because he asked her.

Episode 8: Fatal Obsession

Deadly Women examines cases where women kill out of obsession including Lisa Montgomery who kills a woman and steals her baby so people believe her phony pregnancy is true, Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme who becomes obsessed with their fantasy world and kill one of their mothers to stay together, and Catherine Birnie who loved a serial killer and eventually became one.

Episode 9: Lethal Lovers

Deadly Women examines cases where men and women team up to kill including Rosemary West and her husband who rape and murder at least eleven women, Martha Beck and her con artist boyfriend who trick women and kill at least three people, and Erika Sifrit and her husband who kill a couple after offering them an invitation to their condo.

Episode 10: Mothers Who Kill

Deadly women examines cases where women kill their own children including Waneta Hoyt who kills her children and blames Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Andrea Yates who drowns her five children to save their souls, and Susan Smith who drowns her two boys in order to win back her lover.

Episode 11: Born Bad

Deadly Women considers women who may have been born bad including Gertrude Baniszewski who murders a sixteen year-old girl and gets her children to help, police officer Antoinette Frank who shot the owners of a restaurant she helped guard at night, and Sharon Kinne who left her life as a suburban mom for a life of crime.

Episode 12: Lethal Vengeance

Deadly Women examines cases where women kill out of revenge including Sarah Marie Johnson who killed both her parents because they wouldn’t let her see her boyfriend, Piper Rountree who killed her ex-husband for leaving her, and Christa Pike who lead a group of teens in brutalizing a classmate.

Episode 13: Blood Lines

Deadly Women examines cases where mothers convince their children to kill including Barbara Opel who convinced her daughter and friends to kill an old man who used to help them, Kate Bender who raised her family to be serial killers, and Sante Kimes who lead her son into a life of crime.

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