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Deadly Women Season 4 Part 1 (2011)
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Deadly Women Season 4 Part 1 (2011)

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They are history’s most horrifying and intriguing women. Women who wouldn’t hesitate to kill their own mother for money or their children to get them out of the way or total strangers just for the thrill of it. In this chilling series, we recreate the true-life tales of some of the world’s most terrifying murders perpetrated by the fairer sex over the past four centuries. With the help of a renowned forensic pathologist and a former FBI agent who analyzed some of America’s most notorious killers, we get to know these DEADLY WOMEN and what drives their bloody appetites!

Episode 1: Twisted Thrills

The intimate thoughts of a twisted mind would be enough to stun a community and horrify the world. But thoughts alone may not be enough to turn someone into a killer. This is a bizarre journey into the world of women who kill for twisted thrills.

Episode 2: Loathe Thy Neighbour

Neighbors can be a source of friendship and community comfort. But what happens when a neighbor stops watching out for you, and starts watching you. The sinister minds of these women begin to turn sour and they begin to torment their neighbors.

Episode 3: Hearts of Stone

Deadly Women are not always the ones you expect. They are not the strangers lurking in the dark, they are a young mother, a supportive wife and a grandmother – all killers. Behind their loving masquerade lies a wake of family horror and pain.

Episode 4: Kill Their Own

Convinced that all men cheat and lie, Susan Eubanks gets even with her ex-husbands – by killing her four sons in the same order in which they came into her life.

Episode 5: To Love and to Murder

For these monstrous wives, it was only the wedding vow of ‘death do us part’ that they upheld.

Episode 6: Kill for Cash

Money is a strong motivator. It can be used for good. It can be used for evil. It can be the driving force behind murder. These women would stop at nothing to get their hands on the cash they needed.

Episode 7: Breaking Point

To save her daughter from being sexually assaulted, battered housewife Amber Cummings shoots her husband.

Episode 8: Love to Death

Love and money are a beautiful marriage, for the lucky ones they create a life of happiness and ease. Unless the love is of money, the bride is a killer, and the groom their victim.

Episode 9: Sacrifice Their Blood

To the outside world these caring mothers present a face of love – a suburban Mom, a caring community member, a housewife – but when the doors close, these deadly women will do whatever it takes to have their own needs met, even destroy their family.

Episode 10: Deadly Possessions

These women- a grandmother caring for her grandchildren, a young girl in love with a boy, a mother protecting her son – are consumed with intense love. But when that love is threatened, they find it too much to bear and take measures into their own hands.

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