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Deadly Women Season 5 Part 2 (2012-13)
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Deadly Women Season 5 Part 2 (2012-13)

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They are history’s most horrifying and intriguing women. Women who wouldn’t hesitate to kill their own mother for money or their children to get them out of the way or total strangers just for the thrill of it. In this chilling series, we recreate the true-life tales of some of the world’s most terrifying murders perpetrated by the fairer sex over the past four centuries. With the help of a renowned forensic pathologist and a former FBI agent who analyzed some of America’s most notorious killers, we get to know these DEADLY WOMEN and what drives their bloody appetites!

Episode 11: Ruthless Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and for these Deadly Women, it is the motto by which they live their lives, exacting their vengeance in cold blood when they kill and commit ‘Ruthless Revenge’.

Episode 12: Bury Their Babies

A mother’s impulse to love and protect her child is a sentiment hard-wired into the brain. But when these Deadly Women go against the most primal and basic instinct to protect their young, we are forced to watch as they ‘Bury Their Babes’.

Episode 13: Kinky Killers

It is often said there is safety in numbers, but when these Deadly Women pair up with killer men who can match their evil thoughts and actions, they spiral into a world of sickening fantasies and the horror of ‘Kinky Killers’.

Episode 14: Death Benefits

Manling “Ling” Williams smothered her two boys to death and brutally murdered her husband with a Katana sword so that she could start a new life with another man.

Episode 15: Mommy’s Little Helpers

In high school, she was known as “Mean Nadean”. In 1982 she and her 18 year old son, James Gregory Smith, tortured and killed his ex-girlfriend, Cynthia Lucille Baillee. She had been shot a total of 9 times, stabbed in the throat and stomped on. Some reports claim Cynthia was going to turn Greg in to local law enforcement for his involvement with drugs; other reports claim she was trying to arrange Greg’s murder.

Episode 16: Eternal Revenge

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And when a virtuous woman is seduced; a lover betrayed; and an ‘old’ wife replaced by the ‘new’, life for the men who caused the hurt are destroyed, when these Deadly Women exact their ‘Eternal Revenge’

Episode 17: Without Conscience

Murder blackens the soul. And for these Deadly Women, it is their already darkened soul and disturbed minds that create a new level of horror when they shoot, beat, torture, burn and dismember their victims. These Deadly Women kill “Without Conscience”

Episode 18: Bury the Boyfriend

A first love, a new love, and an old love are relationships most of us hold dear to our hearts. But for these heartless Deadly Women, love is unattainable. It is a gift that dies with their victim when they “Bury the Boyfriend”.

Episode 19: Death Knock

Home is where the heart is, a place to welcome friends and gather families; full of warm memories and good times. But when these Deadly Women come to the door, their victims have no idea they have just heard the sound of a “Death Knock”.

Episode 20: Brides of Blood

These Deadly Women have a dangerous charm. The men who meet them love them. But underneath lies the chilling darkness of a tortured mind. When loved and nurtured they shine, but when pushed too far these blushing brides become the “Brides of Blood”.

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