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Deep Web (2015)
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Deep Web (2015)

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The Silk Road case, about the online drug-selling enterprise broken up by law-enforcement officials in 2013, has already received some television attention and understandably so. It’s a real-life version of the kinds of tech-heavy crime dramas that TV has been serving up for several years now.

But to a segment of people, the importance of the case has little to do with the ticktock of the investigation that has preoccupied many of these TV treatments, or with the crimes involved. “Deep Web,” a documentary Sunday night on Epix, takes a stab at exploring the underlying issues — privacy, government overreach, the possibility of an economic universe unsanctioned and unregulated by the authorities.

The case centered on the arrest of Ross W. Ulbricht, who was accused of creating and running Silk Road, a drug market that operated in a hidden part of the Internet known as the dark web. Adding to the allure of the case was the handle he is said to have used: the Dread Pirate Roberts, after the character in “The Princess Bride.” Mr. Ulbricht was convicted in February of an assortment of charges; he was sentenced on Friday in Federal District Court in Manhattan to life in prison.

IMDB (7.1/10)

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