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Don’t Fuck with the Lewises (2004)
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Don’t Fuck with the Lewises (2004)

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A Norwegian film crew travelling across the southern states of America comes across rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis’ native home in Ferriday, Louisiana. Although initially they are especially attracted to the nearby drive-thru liquor store and bar, they decide to concentrate on the striking manager of both the liquor store and Lewis’ childhood home.

Jerry Lee’s sister Frankie Jean invites the gentlemen over to her house, where she airs some dirty laundry about her “musical hero” of a brother. Her husband intervenes in the discussion, which almost degenerates into an argument, and the couple seems to forget the presence of the cameras altogether. Stylistically, the story is regularly interrupted by short, sepia-coloured scenes that not only indicate the passing of time, but at the same time foreshadow the tragic turn that the film ends with.

All weapons in the Lewis house are eagerly brought into play when a black townsman tries to rob the liquor store while the couple is telling their story to the Norwegians. It turns out that Ferriday, Louisiana is a place where racial hatred, fear and violence are everyday phenomena.

IMDB (7.8)

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