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Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty (2014)
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Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty (2014)


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For Drug Lord: The Legend Of Shorty, director Angus MacQueen and his co-director/translator Guillermo Galdos embark on a gimmicky quest for someone between Roger Smith and Osama bin Laden on the achievability scale — but a lot more dangerous.

Their target: El Chapo Guzmán, the billionaire head of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, the country’s top drug kingpin and the elusive target of a manhunt since he escaped from a maximum-security prison in early 2001. MacQueen and Galdos follow Guzmán’s trail through associates of associates of associates, starting in the border city of Tijuana and eventually winding up in Guzmán’s home turf in the mountains outside Caliacán, a city suffused with Sinoloa drug money.

There are indicators that Guzmán — or at least Guzmán’s people — are aware of the filmmakers, and maybe perceive them as a threat, but the potential for grievous bodily harm vastly outweighs the possibility that MacQueen and Galdos might score an interview.

IMDB (6.2)

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán @ Wikipedia

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