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Drugs, Inc. : The Complete Season 2 (2012)
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Drugs, Inc. : The Complete Season 2 (2012)

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Drugs, Inc. is an American documentary television series on the National Geographic Channel that explores global narcotics production and trafficking. The series features drug dealers, recreational users, and addicts, as well as professionals in the fields of substance abuse, drug rehabilitation, and criminal justice.

Seasons 1 and 2 focused on a specific drug, while seasons 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 investigated multiple drugs in each city or location.

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Episode 1: “Crack”

Fueling crime and violence like no other drug on the planet, crack cocaine is deadly, and so addictive that users will do anything to get their hands on it. Desperate for a high, addicts Jeff and Alexis turn to burglary, drug dealing and even prostitution. In Peru, 14-year-old Gian Carlos is addicted to paco – a highly toxic cocaine by-product sweeping the slums – and harvester “Diego” operates a clandestine cocaine kitchen where he produces high-grade cocaine for trafficking.

Episode 2: “Hash”

Smuggling hashish from the remote Moroccan Riff Mountains to the streets of Europe is a dirty, dangerous business. A former British gangster serves as guide into this illicit underworld, visiting a secret hash-making location nestled in the mountains. Using everything from hidden car compartments and donkeys to skis and drug mules, the smugglers’ key is to be as inconspicuous as possible. At the front line of Europe’s war on drugs, customs agents near Gibraltar seize 100 kilograms of hashish.

Episode 3: “Ecstasy”

Christmas morning in a pill. Penicillin for the soul. Known by users as the ultimate “love drug,” ecstasy’s euphoric high comes with major lows: Ravers have died from it and organized crime gangs will kill for it. In California, students “dial-a-deal” – ordering the drug over the phone and having it delivered directly to their door. A simple transaction like this turned deadly for a 23-year-old dealer who delivered a deadly dose and now faces 20 years in prison.

Episode 4: “Hallucinogens”

Once hailed as a magic bullet cure-all, psychedelic drugs are center stage of a new medical frontier. Deep in the Amazon, Rob – a former Wall Street broker turned healer – has created a free clinic of sorts, administering the highly potent narcotic ayahuasca to trauma patients. But he spirals dangerously out of control on his own trip. Dimitri, a former heroin addict, helps drug users overcome addiction using a controversial hallucinogen called ibogaine, and encounters dangerous side effects.

Episode 5: “Ketamine”

Ketamine is the drug of choice for a new generation. It’s cheap, easy to get hold of and incredibly powerful. The versatile nature of this 21st century narcotic means it’s popular both out on the party scene and as an intense hallucinogenic trip at home. See ketamine’s rise to prominence in the last five years through the experiences of smugglers in India, dealers in the USA, cops in Canada, and one addict in England who’s paid a terrible price for his addiction.

Episode 6: “Pill Nation”

Opiate pain pills are the drug of choice for the 21st century. Known as Hillbilly Heroin, they can be found in every town and city across the United States. From the poorest trailer home to the most expensive mansion, painkillers are tearing apart the fabric of American society. More people are addicted to these pills than to cocaine, heroin and crystal meth combined, and they’re second only to traffic accidents as the leading cause of accidental death.

Episode 7: “Designer Drugs”

Designer drugs are the new battleground in the global war on narcotics. For a few dollars, users can access dozens of compounds that mimic cocaine, ecstasy or marijuana. Sold as ‘Bath Salts’ or ‘Spice,’ these drugs are entirely legal.

Episode 8: “Grand Theft Auto”