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Elderly Executions (2007)
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Elderly Executions (2007)

Crime Stories

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Fay and Ray Copeland were known as the oldest serial killer couple in the world. Sentenced to death. Convicted by the zealous efforts of lead investigator Gary Calvert of the Livingston county Sheriff’s department.

A false lead given to the Sheriff’s office didn’t pan out when Doug McCormick recanted his statements made through a tip line. At first claiming that Ray Copeland was hiring drifters to write bad checks and then killing them to get rid of the evidence. The bodies were mounting up. In fact, McCormick knew where the bodies were buried, on the Copeland farm. The Sheriff thought this was a crank, but not Gary Calvert. He summoned McCormick to the farm while bulldozers dug up every corner – finding nothing. At which point McCormick fessed up. He made the whole thing up to get back at Ray.

This did not stop Calvert. So enthralled and deep into this myth, as mounds of dirt piled high, and locals gathered for the payoff — Calvert went on a tear. He searched the house for anything that looked like it matched the theory he heard from McCormick – who had changed his mind. Finding an otherwise innocuous list Faye had made, of people who had worked with them or she knew over the years, Calvert, when he saw marks by these names, saw death sentences, carried out by the Copelands.

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