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Killer in the County (1999)
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Killer in the County (1999)

Cold Case Files

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Faryion Edward Wardrip is an American serial killer who raped and murdered five women in Wichita Falls, Texas and the surrounding counties from 1984 to 1986.

On the 6th of May 1986 Wardrip killed Tina Kimbrew, 21, a recent friend of his. A few days later, on May 9th, he called the Police and owned up to the crime. He was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Paroled in 1997 he moved to Olney where he remarried and became an active supporter of the local Church, gaining a good reputation.

In 1999 a Wichita Falls detective named John Little started a cold case investigation that led him to discover a previously unknown link between Wardrip and Ellen Blau, one of the girls murdered in 1985. John Little was given, by Wardrip, a paper cup that Wardrip had used and then thrown away. At the time, Wardrip did not know who John Little was and gave the cup to Little after Little claimed to need a cup that he could spit tobacco into. After a check of the DNA found on the cup used by Wardrip, it was clear that Wardrip was the man who raped and murdered Terry Lee Sims, 20, and Toni Gibbs, 24. After being put under arrest the killer owned up to the Sims and Gibbs murders and confessed to the murders of Ellen Blau, 21 and Debra Taylor, 26, too.

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