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FBI Files: Hunter’s Game (1999)
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FBI Files: Hunter’s Game (1999)

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Serial Killer Robert Hansen took the term “hunt” to a sick new level during his 12-year murder spree.

A married dad who ran a bakery in downtown Anchorage, in the US state of Alaska, Hansen managed to hide his depraved extra-curricula activities from those close to him.

Those activities involved the kidnapping, raping and killing of young women he picked up while trawling the seedier sides of town.

With the 1300km trans-Alaska oil pipeline being constructed in the 1970s, prostitutes, pimps, con artists and drug dealers were drawn to Alaska’s largest city because the well-paid construction workers had a lot of cash to blow. Hookers, escorts and dancers proved easy targets for Hansen.

In the ultimate insult after having his way with his shackled victims, Hansen flew some of them into the wilderness in his private light plane and, armed with his hunting rifle, tracked them and shot them dead.

He lived across town from his bakery with his wife and children, who knew nothing of his evil life.

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