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FBI Files – Season 2 – Part 1/2 (1999)
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FBI Files – Season 2 – Part 1/2 (1999)

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THE FBI FILES reveals the crime busting techniques and forensic science used by the FBI to solve the most baffling cases. James Kallstrom, former head of the FBI’s New York Office, hosts these true stories of crime and detection, taking you behind the scenes with re-enactments and interviews with actual participants. Join FBI agents as they work to bring the most notorious criminals to justice.

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Episode 1 – “A Model Killer”

After the abduction of Beth Kenyon, which Miami Police treat as a routine missing person case, her family hires a private detective agency. The detectives find convincing evidence of another missing woman and both are associated with a mysterious man. Beth’s family then contacted the FBI. Soon the FBI was tracking sadist, rapist and murderer Christopher Wilder as he fled authorities on a cross country killing spree.

Episode 2 – “Hired Gun”

The FBI investigates Lawrence Horn and co-conspirators who murdered Horn’s wife, son and son’s nurse for a million dollar lawsuit settlement. The investigation was challenging because James Edward Perry, who Horn hired to perform the murders, had followed instruction in a book about how to be a hit man to minimize evidence linking him to the crime.

Episode 3 – “Cat and Mouse”

Larry Gene Bell abducted, raped and murdered two young girls in South Carolina then taunted the family of one of the victims with phone calls as he obsessed about her sister. The FBI was able to identify Bell though a psychological profile and the impression of a phone number written on a page from the same pad he forced the girl to write a letter to her parents.

Episode 4 – “Cracking the Cartel”

The FBI hunts drug dealer Geno Camacho after he and his gang kidnaps the family of an associate, Sam Wright, and murders a neighbor. Starting with Wright the FBI apprehends the gang members one by one, each leading to another until Camacho is finally tracked to Mexico where he is hiding in a town controlled by a violent drug cartel. Mexican authorities decline to arrest Camacho so the FBI entices him back to the Untied States with a million dollar drug deal.

Episode 5 – “A Stranger in Town”

Despite being an out of state runaway, Dawn Marie Birnbaum was treated with reverence by the Pennsylvania town where she was found murdered by the side of a road. Since no id was found with her body, identifying her, much less her murdered, should have been impossible. But persistence and several strokes of luck lead Pennsylvania State police and the FBI to her killer, James Robert Cruz Jr., a trucker who frequently traveled between Ohio and Pennsylvania. Authorities noted that as many as 600 other women and been found murdered in a similar fashion in Ohio during the decade before Cruz was arrested.

Episode 6 – “Hunter’s Game”

Robert Hansen’s aggression toward women led to run ins with the legal system most of his life. But when he moved to Anchorage his behavior turned deadly as he became a serial rapist and killer who tortured and literally hunted his victims in the wilds of Alaska. But his public behavior and job in a bakery frequented by many police officers made him seem an unlikely suspect until the FBI applied behavioral profiling.

Episode 7 – “The Dixie Mafia”

A decade long investigation of the contract killing of a married couple in Biloxi Mississippi, who happen to be a circuit court judge and a mayoral candidate, turns to a local criminal organization known as the Dixie Mafia. But as many of the culprits are convicted and jailed on other charges the murders remain unsolved and the mastermind, Peter Halat, is elected mayor. The threat of additional charges against one of the convicts pressures him to disclose the truth about the murders implicating Halat and his hit man.

Episode 8 – “Shattered Shield”

The FBI cracks down on police corruption related to drug trafficking in New Orleans. The investigation relied on a key informant and undercover agent.

Episode 9 – “Blood Brothers”

The disappearance of a bank president following the robbery of his bank looks like a case of embezzlement to the residents of Noel, Missouri. But when the banker is found murdered the FBI identifies two brothers as the culprits.

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