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FBI Files – Season 2 – Part 2/2 (2000)
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FBI Files – Season 2 – Part 2/2 (2000)

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THE FBI FILES reveals the crime busting techniques and forensic science used by the FBI to solve the most baffling cases. James Kallstrom, former head of the FBI’s New York Office, hosts these true stories of crime and detection, taking you behind the scenes with re-enactments and interviews with actual participants. Join FBI agents as they work to bring the most notorious criminals to justice.

IMDB (8.1)

Episode 10 – “Crime Spree”

The FBI was so anxious to capture serial killers Alton Coleman and Debra Brown that they earned the unique distinction of becoming the eleventh member of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List. They engaged in a brutal seven week killing spree, mostly of young girls and women, in six mid-western states in 1984.

Episode 11 – “Family Secrets”

In December 1994, Joann Katrinak and her 4-month-old son, Alex, mysteriously disappeared from their home. A new DNA technique ended the mystery, in one of the first cases of DNA being successfully used in a criminal investigation in the United States.

Episode 12 – “Master Plan”

An FBI police corruption investigation and a local murder investigation merge when it is discovered the murder was committed by a mobster under FBI scrutiny. The extensive sting operation nets 55 criminals including a former police chief and a lieutenant in the Cook County Police force but the investigation is cut short when the Washington Post discloses the operation.

Episode 13 – “Firefight”

A series of brutal bank robberies and murders led to an exhaustive eight-month investigation by the FBI. What followed was the 1986 FBI Miami shootout, one of the deadliest firefights in FBI history.

Episode 14 – “Killer Abroad”

The bodies of several women began turning up around the city of Vienna, Austria. Viennese police turned to the FBI for help. The FBI and Austrian Federal Police investigated suspected serial killer Jack Unterweger, who became an international outlaw, hopping from country to country to evade capture and to kill again.

Episode 15 – “Moving Target”

A sniper murdered two young black men as they jogged with two white women. The FBI placed their suspect on their Ten Most Wanted list and began an intense manhunt. What followed was the arrest, trial and conviction of white supremacist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin in the early 1980’s.

Episode 16 – “Deadly Mission”

Two brothers gained national attention after a videotaped shoot-out with state and local officers in Wilmington, Ohio. The brothers escaped and fled the state. But when a family was murdered in Arkansas, the crimes were revealed to be part of an ever-widening circle of violence that defined a new age of domestic terrorism. The FBI launched their manhunt for murderer Chevie Kehoe and his brother.

Episode 17 – “Cop Killer”

Two officers had been shot and one had been murdered in Washington, D.C. They had been sitting in their patrol cars when a man sneaked up on them and opened fire. The 1995 murders of Prince George’s County Police Department officer John Novabilski and FBI Special Agent William H. Christian Jr. compelled the FBI to help catch the cop killer in a confrontation which lead to a violent gun battle.

Episode 18 – “.22 Caliber Killer”

Six black males had been brutally murdered; two had their hearts cut out. The only thing connecting the victims was their ethnicity and the fact that each had been shot with .22 caliber bullets. The FBI launched an investigation into Joseph Christopher, who became known as “The .22 Caliber Killer.”

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