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Five Daughters – Mini Series (2010)
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Five Daughters – Mini Series (2010)


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Five Daughters: The BBC’s dramatic reconstruction of the horrendous killing spree of Steve Wright (The Suffolk Strangler) in Ipswich 2006 is a benchmark of how to tell a story with sensitivity. Ironically, the actual factual journalistic coverage of the time was less sensitive, focusing on Wright’s victims as merely ‘prostitutes’ rather than people; sisters, mothers, daughters. Since Ipswich it’s unsurprising that such women are referred to as sex workers. Five Daughters never once consigns itself to presenting the victims as simply that. It is to writer Stephen Butchard, and director Philippa Lowthorpe (responsible for the original and excellent anachronistic TV adaptation of The Other Boleyn Girl) that they redress the balance by having the drama restore the reality that each woman had a life beyond their untimely and brutal demise and the desperation their addictions brought them.

IMDB (7.8)

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Episode 2

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