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Forensic Files – Season 11 – Part 1/4 (2006)
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Forensic Files – Season 11 – Part 1/4 (2006)

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Forensic Files is an American documentary-style series that reveals how forensic science is used to solve violent crimes, mysterious accidents, and even outbreaks of illness. The show was originally broadcast on TLC, narrated by Peter Thomas, and produced by Medstar Television, in association with truTV Original Productions. It broadcast 400 episodes since its debut on TLC in 1996 as Medical Detectives. Reruns shown on HLN were initially retitled Mystery Detectives before settling with the main title of the show in 2014.

IMDB (8.8)

Episode 1: Naughty or Nyce

Investigators examine evidence left at an automobile accident to determine if this was murder, including footprints leading away from the scene, blood on the outside of the car, and the victim was not wearing shoes in the middle of winter.

Episode 2: Going for Broke

After a corpse is found without its head and hands at a compose site, a single finger tip leads to the identity of the body. A single dog hair found on the body, witness tips, and blood evidence lead to the suspect.

Episode 3: Just Desserts

The bodies of a murdered Florida couple are discovered along a dirt road. A man with a criminal record is suspected since his driver’s license is discovered at the crime scene, until DNA extracted from a spoon points to another man.

Episode 4: Sunday’s Wake

After moving with her family from Sudan to the United States, a little girl becomes ill and dies; authorities must determine how and why it happened.

Episode 5: Shattered Dreams

In this classic episode of Forensic Files, the longest running true crime series in television history, a man and woman are found shot dead in car in a drainage ditch. The windows are broken and shattered glass should be everywhere, but it isn’t. A fingertip torn from a latex glove points investigators to both the crime scene and the killer.

Episode 6: Dockter Visit

A World War II veteran was found dead in his home, and the investigation ground to a halt when the prime suspect had a solid alibi. But a lucky break led to a shady character who wore distinctive boots and had a sweet tooth.

Episode 7: Murder She Wrote

A woman who was known to have suffered from depression seemingly took her own life. But her sister told police that, a year before her death, she said if anything were to happen to her, there would be a note in the china cabinet. Police read the note and found the killer.

Episode 8: Concrete Alibi: The Karen Slover Case

Karen Slover, 23, model and mother, is killed in 1996. Thanks to a forensic geologist, the police may now be able to solve the puzzling IL case after many years.

Episode 9: Key Evidence

In 2001, Kevin Rice, 38, had stopped his car in a Rockford, IL residential area. The husband, father and policeman is shot to death inside the car. There are some clues left behind, including an asthma inhaler, hoodie, and keys. Forensic Science coupled with old-fashioned detective work must now be used in tandem in order to track down his killer(s).

Episode 10: The Gambler

The world of high rollers and offshore gambling becomes the focus of the investigation into a Wisconsin triple murder.

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