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Forensic Files – Season 11 – Part 3/4 (2006 / 2007)
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Forensic Files – Season 11 – Part 3/4 (2006 / 2007)

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Forensic Files is an American documentary-style series that reveals how forensic science is used to solve violent crimes, mysterious accidents, and even outbreaks of illness. The show was originally broadcast on TLC, narrated by Peter Thomas, and produced by Medstar Television, in association with truTV Original Productions. It broadcast 400 episodes since its debut on TLC in 1996 as Medical Detectives. Reruns shown on HLN were initially retitled Mystery Detectives before settling with the main title of the show in 2014.

IMDB (8.8)

Episode 21: Vanished

A twelve-year-old girl claims that she was abducted and sexually assaulted. However, her story seems unbelievable until police discover fibers on her clothing.

Episode 22: A Novel Idea

Emergency Dispatch in Durham, North Carolina received a frantic call from a man who said his wife fell down the stairs; she was unconscious but still breathing. When paramedics arrived, they could do little more than pronounce the woman dead. The number and volume of bloodstains at the scene was greater than usual. Forensic scientists had to find out why. Originally aired as Season 11, Episode 22.

Episode 23: Chief Suspect

The wife of a respected police officer was murdered in her own home. The crime went unsolved for more than a decade, and then a newly formed Cold Case Unit took a fresh look at the evidence. A few seconds of a 911 call enabled them to determine not only who was responsible for the victim’s death, but also the motive for her murder.

Episode 24: Water Hazard

A flawed envelope is an unlikely clue to identifying a killer who laced a water cooler with cyanide and caused the death of a woman.

Episode 25: Shell Game

When a mussel-shell diver and his fiancée are found dead in their burned home, it doesn’t take investigators long to realize that the fire was arson and their death was murder. And when detectives discover thousands of dollars worth of shells missing from the property, it’s up to a ballistics expert to find the clues to put the greedy killers behind bars.

Episode 26: Ring Him Up

For ten years, the disappearance of a college co-ed remained a mystery. And then new scientific testing cast a different light on a man who had been a suspect all along.

Episode 27: Killer Impression

For sixteen years, the death of woman was considered an accident; then someone called police to suggest her husband had murdered her. Before the investigation could begin, the tipster was found dead… in much the same manner as the wife. Was this an unfortunate coincidence, or the MO of a serial killer?

Episode 28: If I Were You

The murder of 53-year-old Paul Gruber is examined and the evidence points to Darryl Robin Kuehl, who was later convicted of the crime.

Episode 29: As the Tide Turns

A woman is shot to death on a Florida beach. Her husband is also shot, but survives. He claims it was a robbery gone wrong, but investigators look further and learn that he had recently downloaded a song containing violent lyrics.

Episode 30: A Tight Leash

How did the stalker obtain the security system code for his victim’s home? How did he steal her personal photographs? Police needed answers, and they found them in the most unlikely of places: the letters he wrote to frighten the victim and taunt those trying to protect her.

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