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Forensic Files – Season 05 – Part 1/2 (2000)
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Forensic Files – Season 05 – Part 1/2 (2000)

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Forensic Files is an American documentary-style series that reveals how forensic science is used to solve violent crimes, mysterious accidents, and even outbreaks of illness. The show was originally broadcast on TLC, narrated by Peter Thomas, and produced by Medstar Television, in association with truTV Original Productions. It broadcast 400 episodes since its debut on TLC in 1996 as Medical Detectives. Reruns shown on HLN were initially retitled Mystery Detectives before settling with the main title of the show in 2014.

IMDB (8.8)

Episode 1: Badge of Deceit

For more than a decade, women in a small Louisiana city live in fear of a rapist who becomes so experienced he leaves no clues to his identity. But computer technology and behavioral science combine to give police a new forensic tool: geographical profiling. Police narrow their search to one man, local policeman Randy Comeaux. To prove he’s the perpetrator, they turn to an unlikely piece of evidence, a discarded cigarette butt.

Episode 2: Dew Process

New evidence points to a different killer in the case of a dentist’s murdered wife.

Episode 3: A Woman Scorned

When Joann Katrinak is found dead in a corn field with her infant son Alex next to her, the obvious suspect is the husband and father of the victims. But some insects found on the bodies reveal a vital clue, as does a long blonde hair found on the victims. The blonde hair has something uniquely in common with the brunette hair of the husband’s former love interest Patricia Rorrer. The link uncovers a twisted story of passion gone wrong.

Episode 4: A Voice from Beyond

When a decomposed body is found stuffed in a barrel, it’s easy to presume murder. But the body had been placed in the barrel 30 years earlier. One of the few clues was an address book found along with the body, but years of moisture had washed away the ink, which was completely gone. Scientists desperately searched for a way to reveal the information written on the pages of the address book. They find ties between the dead woman and former home owner Howard B. Elkins, who committed suicide 20 hours after police first interviewed him.

Episode 5: Burning Ambition

When a Seattle policeman’s house goes up in flames Fire officials think it’s arson. One month later, in an ironic twist, the officer arrests a low-level drug dealer who confesses to the arson. But when the suspect vanishes, investigators start to question the authenticity of the so-called confession.

Episode 6: Memories

Dianna Green is brutally attacked in her own home and her unborn child is killed. After coming out of her coma and regaining her memory, she identifies her husband Kevin Green as the perpetrator and the semen left at the scene matches her husband’s blood type. The husband was convicted and spent 16 years in jail proclaiming his innocence. Then, a new DNA test and an innovative computer program lead investigators to question just how accurate the wife’s recovered memory really was.

Episode 7: Trail of Truth

Alaska, 1987: Nancy Newman and her two young daughters are found murdered. The husband is immediately suspected, but fingerprint and hair evidence points to someone else close to the family.

Episode 8: Material Evidence

The murder of two young girls and abduction of a store clerk may all be linked to one man. Unusual orange carpet fibers found on the scene are the key to aid the police in solving the crime and bringing to justice the killer.

Episode 9: ‘Kill’Igraphy

The autopsy played an important role in a murder investigation fof the suspicious 1997 death of Georgia resident Virginia Ridley. Police charged her mentally-unstable husband Alan with murder, but a medical examiner discovered that she died of other causes.

Episode 10: Nursery Crimes

A police investigation of a pediatrician, after the mysterious death of one of her patients, leads them to a Texas hospital where the pediatric mortality rate was higher than at any hospital in the country. The common link was nurse Genene Jones, but proving the connection seems impossible until an international team of doctors uncovers an unlikely murder weapon.

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