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Forensic Files – Season 07 – Part 4/4 (2002)
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Forensic Files – Season 07 – Part 4/4 (2002)

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Forensic Files is an American documentary-style series that reveals how forensic science is used to solve violent crimes, mysterious accidents, and even outbreaks of illness. The show was originally broadcast on TLC, narrated by Peter Thomas, and produced by Medstar Television, in association with truTV Original Productions. It broadcast 400 episodes since its debut on TLC in 1996 as Medical Detectives. Reruns shown on HLN were initially retitled Mystery Detectives before settling with the main title of the show in 2014.

IMDB (8.8)

Episode 31: A Bag of Evidence

A plastic garbage bag leads authorities to the killer of a nine-year-old Florida girl.

Episode 32: Tooth or Consequences

An investigation into the murder of Katie Poirier is stymied by the lack of a body, but they find a few charred remains including a tooth. The unique properties of the filling in the tooth helps investigators identify her remains. Further forensic evidence is then used to convict Donald Blom of her murder.

Episode 33: The Sniffing Revenge

The Janet Overton Case. The investigation into a suspicious death hits a dead end when the autopsy indicates that no foul play was involved. But a telephone tip and the sensitive nose of a forensic examiner indicate otherwise.

Episode 34: Sleight of Hand

In 1981, an 86-year-old California woman was murdered and her house was ransacked. The crime would remain unsolved for sixteen years, until DNA profiling and new fingerprint technology helped identify the killer.

Episode 35: Scratching the Surface

In Miami, Florida, a sniper opened fire from the rooftop of a manufacturing plant, killing one employee and injuring two others in the parking lot below. When the gun was found, the police discovered that the shooter had scratched the serial number off of it to make it untraceable. But forensic scientists had a way to make the number reappear. Originally aired as Season 7, Episode 33.

Episode 36: Fire Proof

Relates the story of Paul Kenneth Keller, a serial arsonist responsible for several fires that caused millions of dollars worth of property damage and the deaths of three people. More than 75 Seattle-area arsons are probed before he was discovered, partly through the use of forensic hypnosis.

Episode 37: X Marks the Spot

The use of the computers by law enforcement is detailed in this look at a series of crimes in St. Louis that stumped the local police and the FBI.

Episode 38: House Call

A murder investigation in St. Petersburg, Florida, crosses jurisdictions from New York and Jamaica. The police rely heavily on cell phone mapping, wiretapping and a host of forensic evidence to reveal a suspect to the crime. Originally aired as Season 7, Episode 38.

Episode 39: Marathon Man

The wife of a murdered horse rancher explains that the last time she saw her husband was when he was leaving the house to go jogging, but police become suspicious when forensic evidence eventually leads investigators back to the ranch.

Episode 40: The Sniper’s Trail

An examination of the 2002 DC-area shooting spree that resulted in ten murders.

Episode 41: Plastic Fire

An elderly Georgia woman dies in a car fire. Police claim the woman was murdered by her daughter, but an expert witness believes otherwise.

Episode 42: Last Will

Sharon (“Shari”) Smith, kidnapped and murdered in South Carolina in 1985, died about two hours after writing her last will which her killer sent to her parents. The document itself enabled police to identify and convict Larry Gene Bell.

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