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Forensics Squad – Season 1 (2013)
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Forensics Squad – Season 1 (2013)

Crime Scenes Scotland

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Statistically, Scotland has Western Europe’s worst murder rate per capita. But the country’s compact size has led to a globally unique crime service uniting the SPA (Scottish Police Authority) with the Police Scotland forces. Revealing detailed forensic evidence, and featuring interviews with the crime teams, The Forensic Squad examines the anatomy of murder, through the eyes of highly trained scientists. Carol Weston, SPA Senior Forensic Scientist says: “Although you see a lot of dead people, you treat everyone as an individual with respect and with humanity.”

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Episode 1: “Angelika Kluk and Kriss Donald”

The brutal murders of Angelika Kluk and Kriss Donald shocked Scotland.

Polish student Angelika Kluk was brutally raped and murdered in 2006, her body dumped under the floorboards of St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Glasgow. As The Forensic Squad highlights, the SPA played a key role in identifying the prime suspect Peter Tobin, later revealing him to be a ruthless serial killer.

In 2004, 15-year-old schoolboy Kriss Donald was kidnapped, tortured and murdered in an unprovoked attack by an Asian gang in Glasgow’s Pollokshields. As the horrific details of Kriss’ murder unfolded, three of the fugitives went on the run to Pakistan. The remaining two gang members were quickly caught and convicted, but it took a one-time extradition deal with Pakistan to return the chief perpetrators to face trial. Assisted by unique forensic telephony techniques, three more convictions were secured, culminating in a first in Scottish Legal history for a racially-motivated killing.

Peter Tobin @ Murderpedia

Peter Tobin @ Wikipedia

Episode 2: “Moira Jones and Eleni Pachou”

These two young women were killed over one weekend within miles of each other.

40-year-old businesswoman Moira Jones was raped and murdered in Glasgow’s Queens Park – leading the area to become Scotland’s biggest crime scene outside Lockerbie. As The Forensic Squad highlights, the investigation would lead detectives across Europe to Slovakia with the forensics team playing a pivotal role in convicting a would-be ‘ghost’ offender, Marek Harcar.

Two days after Moira’s murder, a 999 call was logged from a popular pizzeria in Glasgow’s West End where the body of 25-year-old assistant manageress, Eleni Pachou, had been discovered. A murder in a busy restaurant meant hundreds of prints had to be eliminated before forensics could help secure the conviction of a ruthless killer and his calculating accomplice – Eleni’s former colleague Juan Carlos Crispin and restaurant cleaner, Marion Hinshelwood.

This episode also highlights how Peter Tobin was finally exposed as a serial killer, focusing on the forensic investigation behind his ultimate arrest and conviction.

Moira Jones murder investigation @ BBC

Eleni Pachou murder: Sex, drugs and death at the pizzeria @ dailyrecord

Episode 3: “Jolante Bledaite, Carol Jarvis and John Kennedy”

This episode begins with the infamous ‘head on the beach’ case, which shocked the sleepy fishing town of Arbroath, making for grim, though sensational, reading across Britain. Forensics helped convict a callous killer and his impressionable accomplice, who murdered Jolante Bledaite for her £12,000 life savings. Without the back up of DNA evidence linking the culprits to the victim’s remains, the concept of ‘The Perfect Crime’ could have been a reality.

Next, the strange case of the husband who systematically over-medicated his ailing wife, although never raised in court, whilst keeping his ex-socialite lover and co-conspirator in the garden shed. They exchanged ‘love letters’ through the kitchen window whilst plotting and subsequently murdering Carol Jarvis in her bed.

Finally, the murder of John Kennedy who traded contraband cigarettes & tobacco from home. The robbery/killing had Police baffled until forensics connected a random glove to the perpetrator, already on a database for a previous assault. This turn of events sees the first incidence of Forensics presenting a suspect to the Police, rather than corroborating Police evidence.

Jolanta Bledaite murder trial: Macabre discovery that foiled ‘the perfect murder’ @ scotsman

Rita Heyster jailed for Carol Jarvis murder cover-up @ BBC

Michael Nolan jailed for Dundee cigarette seller murder @ BBC

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