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Fritzl: What Happened Next (2017)
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Fritzl: What Happened Next (2017)

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When Elisabeth Fritzl spoke to police at the end of her 24-year-captivity ordeal at the hands of her father, she shocked officers with her words.

“No one will believe me anyway”, Elisabeth told Willibald Reitner, who in April 2008 was the head of criminal investigation in Amstetten, the Austrian city where Fritzl kept his daughter locked away for more than two decades.

He locked her away in a dungeon under his house when she was 18-years-old. Fritzl told his wife Elisabeth had run away with a cult. Over her years of being his prisoner, Elisabeth was raped thousands of times and had several children.

Her horrifying ordeal shocked the world — and now details have emerged of the tense few hours after she was first interviewed by police.

Mr Reitner tells the documentary, Fritzl: What Happened Next, he and his investigators they had to think of another way of getting her to talk.

After that she said, “If I tell this exactly how it all happened, no one will ever believe me”.
One of the conditions she had for co-operating with police were that she never had to see her father, who she referred to as “him”.

“And she was really afraid that no one would believe her, and that everyone would only believe the father”, reported The Mirror.

The abuse only ended when one of their children was taken to hospital and Fritzl allowed Elisabeth to go to the hospital. Police doubted the story they gave, that she had simply returned from living with a cult, and began to investigate.

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