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Gangland: The Complete Season 2 (2008)
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Gangland: The Complete Season 2 (2008)

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Get even closer to the truth about America’s gangs in Season 2 of Gangland. Rarely seen footage and unique access to the lives of both former and current gang members provide a solid insight into why gangs exist, how they operate, their increasingly destructive methods, and the alarming rate at which they’re spreading to suburban and rural areas.

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Episode 1: “Maniacal”
Maniac Latin Disciples (Folk Nation) of Chicago, IL

Chicago’s second-largest Latin gang, The Maniac Latin Disciples rule the northwest side of Chicago. Since their beginning in the early 1960’s, the MLD’s have grown so big, that in 2005, the US Attorney for Illinois, Patrick Fitzgerald, testified before Congress that the Disciples should be considered a “super gang.

Episode 2: “Deadly Triangle”
Joe Boys, Wah Ching, Wo Hop To, Hop Sing Boys

This episode looks at several Chinese street gangs in Los Angeles as well as their ties to Asian organized crimes. Their racket include gambling, prostitution, drug trafficking and smuggling. Unlike some gangs though they do not mark territory using blatant graffiti and their members do not have tattoos.

Episode 3: “Biker Wars”
Outlaws MC

Throughout the early 1990’s, a war waged behind the scenes between the two largest motorcycle gangs in America – the Outlaws and the Hells Angels. The Outlaws traditionally made the Midwest their stronghold but now the Angels were pushing into their territory and courting another regional club, the Hell’s Henchmen, to join them. The Outlaws responded viscously and decisively.

Episode 4: “Texas Terror”
Texas Syndicate

The Texas Syndicate. They are the most feared Tejano gang in the Lone Star State, yet few have heard of them. The Syndicate is managed like an elite business, with a reach that extends from behind prison walls to the far corners of Texas. They will break any law to generate revenue but the gang’s bread and butter is drug trafficking for the Mexican cartels.

Episode 5: “Crip Or Die”
Crips of Los Angeles, CA

“Crip of Die” exposes one of the most infamous and brutal street gangs- The Crips. The gang started as a rag-tag group of youth on LA’s Eastside and quickly grew into a terrorizing force in South Central. Today, the Crips are the largest black gang in LA with over 10,000 members. Gang members give an inside look at the lifestyle called Crippin’ where it is survive or die–kill or be killed.

Episode 6: “Lords of the Holy City”
Almighty Vice Lord Nation (People Nation) of Chicago, IL

Many gangs are organized, and some even incorporated, but not many can claim to have had federal funding, like the Vice Lords. This is just one of the many unique chapters in the 50 year history of this Chicago street gang.

Episode 7: “Murder by Numbers”
18th Street gang of Los Angeles

Gangland examines one of the largest and most violent gangs in Los Angeles County. It’s estimated that 18th Street has more than 20, 000 members in Los Angeles alone with additional sets that extend all across the nation and even overseas.

Episode 8: “Mongol Nation”
Mongols MC

Mongols MC was created in 1970 by a group of disaffected, Hispanic Vietnam veterans. Almost 40 years later, the Mongols have gone from being party-hearty outlaws to hell-bent gangsters: many that came directly from some of Southern California’s most violent street gangs – creating a conflict of allegiance with the powerful Mexican Mafia.

Episode 9: “Gangster, Inc.”
Gangster Disciples (Folk Nation) of the Midwest

Through the 1980’s, Chicago’s most powerful street gang expanded at an unprecedented rate, with its membership eventually numbering some 30,000. When the city of Chicago wasn’t enough territory, the gang spread to other cities throughout the Midwest, like Milwaukee. The GDs quickly gained control of smaller towns using the tried and true methods of fear, intimidation and violence.

Episode 10: “One Blood”
Bloods of Los Angeles, CA

LA Bloods” gives the viewer an inside look at one of the most notorious and volatile black street gangs in the country. Through original interviews with law enforcement, interventionists, victim’s family members and active and former gang members, the program examines the life, history and the vicious crimes perpetrated by the Bloods.

Episode 11: “Sin City”
Hybrid gangs in Las Vegas, NV

Sin City” gives a firsthand account of the violent rise of street gangs in Las Vegas. Through interviews with the founder of the GQ’s – the first bona fide West Coast – style street gang to take hold in Las Vegas – law enforcement, historians, victim’s family members, and former gang members; the program examines the life, history, and future of Sin City’s gang culture.

Episode 12: “From Girl to Gangster”
Female Crips/Bloods (Cripettes and Bloodettes)

They are some of the most overlooked criminals in our country and among the most dangerous: They’re girls in gangs. Their reasons for a life of crime may be different but like their male counterparts, these women crave respect and money. In Compton, California these women rule the streets and their crimes range from transporting drugs to murder.

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