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Gangland: The Complete Season 6 (2009 / 2010)
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Gangland: The Complete Season 6 (2009 / 2010)

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They rob, kill, and terrorize, and they’ve left their violent mark on our nation’s history. Delve deep into the rich and often brutal bloodlines of gangs across America, from San Bernardino County, California, to Atlanta, Georgia, to Detroit, Michigan, as Volume 6 of Gangland goes to the darkest corners of the country to infiltrate some of the most dangerous terrain in the world.

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Episode 1: “Snitch Slaughter”
Vagos MC

Just east of LA are the wide open roads of San Bernardino County that are ruled by one gang – The Vagos. With more than 500 members, the Vagos are one of the largest and most deadly motorcycle gangs in the country. Their name, which means “traveling gypsy” in Spanish, strikes fear into the hearts of rivals.

Episode 2: “Trinity of Blood”
Tri-City Bombers, Texas Chicano Brotherhood

With a street army of over 1,000 strong, the Tri-City Bombers rule south Texas with an iron fist. The Bombers are known to smuggle drugs and weapons along the Texas/Mexico border to fund their illicit operations. The Hispanic gang defends this lucrative drug territory to the death.

Episode 3: “Street Law”
Sureños in Atlanta

SUR-13 is one of the largest and deadliest Hispanic street gangs in Atlanta. They have been linked to crimes ranging from narcotics sales to cold-blooded murder. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, SUR-13 has spread across the United States, taking with them their lust for violence. Their mission is simple but deadly – eliminate all comers.

Episode 4: “Skinhead Assault”

Volksfront is one of the fastest-growing Neo Nazi skinhead gangs in the country. Originally formed in the Oregon prisons in 1994, the gang has spread across the country, and now claims territory in seven countries on four continents. The gang uses the internet to recruit mainly racist skinheads. Volksfront has one goal – to create a white homeland and punish those who stand in their way.

Episode 5: “Crazy Killers”
South Side Locos (Sureños) of Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is home to one of the most maniacal gangs in the country – the South Side Locos. With over 600 members, the Hispanic gang is the city’s most violent. The Locos, which means “crazies” in Spanish, will stop at nothing to gain control of lucrative drug turf, even if it means killing. The South Side Locos are known to hunt their rivals – and will stop at nothing to control

Episode 6: “Bloody South”
Gangster Killer Bloods a.k.a. G-Shine of Columbia, South Carolina

The Gangsta Killer Bloods are terrorizing Columbia, South Carolina. Known as the GKB’s, they dominate the crack cocaine trade here. The Gangsta Killer Blood’s have spread like a cancer through the streets of the city. They battle rivals like the Folk Nation in an all-out war where public shootouts are commonplace. Thanks to the GKB’s, South Carolina remains the bloody South.

Episode 7: “Devils Diciples”
Devils Diciples MC of Detroit

The Devils Diciples are the most notorious Outlaw Biker gang in Detroit, Michigan. These “one-percenters” have built a criminal network of drug trafficking, prostitution, extortion, and even murder for hire. The Devils Diciples have built a violent reputation in “The D”, but it wasn’t until they recruited Billy “Wadd” Smith that the Diciples had a bona fide moneymaker in their ranks.

Episode 8: “The Assassins”
Logan Heights of San Diego

Logan Heights is the most notorious Hispanic street gang in San Diego. With over 400 soldiers, the gang outnumbers all of their enemies combined. Logan Heights makes its money selling marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines on the streets of the city. The gang has a storied history as the hit squad for one of the most feared drug organizations in the world?The Tijuana Cartel.

Episode 9: “Mile High Killers”
North Side Mafia (Norteños) of Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, the 303 – gateway to the Rockies and the playgrounds of the wealthy, is home to something sinister– hardcore gangsters. And one gang, the notorious North Side Mafia, or NSM, rules the city’s northwest side. This Hispanic gang is one of Denver’s largest. NSM is home grown, fearless and always ready to throw down with their enemies.

Episode 10: “Beware The Goose!”
Galloping Goose MC

For decades the Galloping Goose motorcycle gang has operated with impunity in Kansas City, Missouri. These outlaw bikers have been involved in crimes ranging from motorcycle theft to drug dealing, to assaults and intimidation. The Goose remained small and insulated, allowing members to fly under police radar.

Episode 11: “Sex, Money, Murder”
Sex Money Murda (Bloods) of Trenton, NJ

The city of Trenton, New Jersey was once a boomtown, producing iron, rubber and steel. Today those industries are long gone. Drugs are the business of these mean streets, and one notorious gang calls the shots: Sex Money Murder. The war between Sex Money Murder and its enemy, G-shine, has bloodied the city of Trenton for years.

Episode 12: “Public Enemy #1”
Public Enemy No. 1

A punk gang in the 1980s, the name being derived from the anarcho-punk band, ‘Rudimentary Peni’. Originally, PDS was mainly a loose-knit group of suburban teens, runaways and homeless youngsters. Other examples of Southern California hardcore punk gangs . These groups were typically made up of suburban counter-culture teenagers, skaters, surfers, etc.

Episode 13: “Hell House”
Sindicato Nuevo Mexico (New Mexico Syndicate)

The Syndicato Nuevo Mexico is a brutal gang that rules the prisons of New Mexico. Also known as the “S,” they boast a rap sheet that includes drug sales, vicious beatings, and cold-blooded murder. Formed in the 1980s after one of the deadliest prison riots in US history, the “S” has become one of the most feared prison gangs in the country. If prison is hell, than SNM is the devil.

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