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Gangs of Oz: Season 1 (2009)
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Gangs of Oz: Season 1 (2009)

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Every day on our streets brutal wars are fought between powerful crime dynasties. Murder, intimidation and extortion…. Just another day in the office for these gangs, fiercely protecting their multi-million dollar businesses. Gangs of Oz is a 5 part docu-drama series looking at different criminal gangs operating in Australia over the last few decades. Each episodes examines the “families” of crime, that operate with a deadly code of loyalty and secrecy.

IMDB (8.0)

Episode 1: Middle Eastern Gangs – The Power, The Passion, The Betrayal

Episode 2: The Aussie Mafia – Inside The Family

Episode 3: The Bikies – Inside The Band Of Brothers

Episode 4: The Gangland Wars – The Tale of Three Gangs

Episode 5: Asian Gangs – Chasing The Dragon Tony Hoang