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Gerald and Charlene Gallego (2014)
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Gerald and Charlene Gallego (2014)

Born To Kill

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SEPT. 10, 1977. Gerald Gallego met a young, two time divorced woman, Charlene Adell Williams, at a poker club in Sacramento, CA. The two immediately hit it off and within a week of their first encounter, Charlene moved in with Gerald. Thus began the couple’s infamous relationship, resulting in one of the worst serial killing teams in American history.
Gerald Gallego already had a checkered past before he met Charlene. In 1955 Gerald’s father was executed in Mississippi’s gas chamber for killing two cops. At age thirteen Gerald was arrested for raping a six-year-old girl. By age 32 he had been married five times and a daughter who lived with Gerald’s mother. He also had seven felony convictions. By the time Charlene met Gerald, she had already gone through two marriages and had acquired a hard-drug habit.

Gerald told Charlene he was impotent and the only cure was frequent sex with virgins and multiple women in his bed. Within a month of Charlene moving in, Gerald brought home a teenage runaway for a threesome. However, he became extremely angry when he found out that Charlene and the girl were having sex without him. He went into a rage and physically abused Charlene and her young lover while berating and shouting at them.

The couple decided the best way to deal with Gerald’s sexual problem was to seek out victims that could keep Gerald sexually satisfied.

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